30 Nov, 2023

Battling Cyber Harassment Post-Marriage

Gina’s story sheds light on the torment inflicted by her ex-husband, Mark. Enduring a challenging marriage

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29 Nov, 2023

Reaching out for assistance can pierce through the shadows of cyber bullying

This case showcases the story of Emily and how her life took an unexpected turn because

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28 Nov, 2023

Predators threaten with usual details on the internet.

A distressing cyber situation entangles a young woman., Maya, altering the trajectory of her peaceful life.

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23 Nov, 2023

Triumph Over Revenge Porn

In the vast digital landscape, on a sudden night, Ethan’s life took a distressing turn. He

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09 Nov, 2023

When Digital Friendship Turns Dark

This is the case of a young woman named Maya who had befriended a guy named

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07 Nov, 2023

A mistake from past,takes form of cyberbullying

Emma, a young woman was in a long-distance relationship when she relocated to Pune for her

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26 May, 2022

A minor gets stalked online

  The boredom of the Covid-19 lockdown led to a 15 year old Shalini into talking

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24 Apr, 2022

18 year old gets harassed by an online friend.

  An 18 year old Ananya started talking to a boy who requested her help. After

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26 Feb, 2022

23 year old falls in the trap of online dating only to get catfished.

  When we talk about online dating, a lot of questions arise. Is online dating without

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15 Jan, 2022

A simple video call turns threatening

A 30-year-old Anant was shameful and scared at the same time when he sent us an

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