About Us

A dynamic duo comprising a cybercrime investigator and a cyberpsychologist joined forces to confront the daunting world of cyberbullying. In June 2016, Ritesh Bhatia, a seasoned Cybercrime Investigator, and Nirali Bhatia, a Cyber Psychologist and Psychotherapist, co-founded CYBER B.A.A.P.

Their journey into the realm of cyberbullying took an intriguing turn when they became part of MTV’s popular show, “Troll Police.” Hosted by Rannvijay Singha, this groundbreaking show brought celebrities face-to-face with their most relentless online tormentors. Within this unique television experience, Nirali took on the role of the show’s official cyberpsychologist and on-set counsellor, while Ritesh assumed the role of the cyber investigator, tasked with unmasking bullies in the real world based on their digital footprints. Their participation in this show solidified their belief that there is always a way to stand up against online bullies.

CYBER B.A.A.P. , an acronym for “Cyberbullying Awareness, Action, and Prevention,” is their brainchild, a not-for-profit organization registered as the “Niralibhatia Cyber Wellness Foundation.”

The mission of the Cyber Wellness Foundation is: to develop, establish, and facilitate improvements in mental health, education, and social support for victims of cyberbullying and online harassment. Their commitment is translated into action through counselling and guidance services to victims of cyberbullying, educational programs, and campaigns aimed at promoting safe cyber usage, raising awareness about mental health, and fostering open discussions about the challenges and experiences associated with the digital age. Their efforts are dedicated to benefiting children, women, and society as a whole.

Over the past seven years, we have supported over 20,000 victims, conducted 500+ training sessions and workshops, and launched/been part of more than 20 anti-cyberbullying campaigns nationwide.