About Us

A cybercrime investigator and a cyber psychologist team up to take on the world of cyberbullying. Ritesh Bhatia, Cybercrime Investigator & Nirali Bhatia, Cyber & Counselling Psychologist founded CYBER B.A.A.P. in June 2016.

The two were part of the popular show on MTV, Troll Police — a show that got celebrities to face their most abusive online bullies. Hosted by Rannvijay Singha, it had Nirali as the show’s official therapist and on-set counsellor while Ritesh was the cyber investigator, tasked with seeking out the bullies in real life from their social media handles. Their stint on television has made both of them confident that there is always a way to stand up to online bullies.

CYBER B.A.A.P. an acronym for Cyberbullying Awareness, Action and Prevention, is committed to combat the menace of Cyberbullying by creating awareness and prevention. Our dynamic and mixed team of cybersecurity experts, cybercrime investigators, counsellors, psychologists and cyber lawyers are here to help the victims and also to make others aware that cyberbullying is not at a cool thing.

Our mission is to create awareness about the harmful effects of cyberbullying and offer counselling and guidance to the victims.

Nirali and Ritesh have conducted over 100 awareness sessions in colleges, universities, public spaces, and rural areas.