17 Apr, 2024

Could Florida’s children’s social media ban take hold elsewhere? | Inside Story

A new law in Florida will restrict or ban children from social media. Supporters say it

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11 Apr, 2024

Mumbai: Two-factor authentication can protect you from ID fraud

In the third part of our social media hacking series, leading cyber experts and psychologists engaged

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28 Mar, 2024

Social Media Impact |Where are children banned on social media? Smartphone has taken away the peace of children?

🌟 Sharing my insights on CNBC Awaaz about the necessity of laws to protect and prohibit

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26 Mar, 2024

AI voice clone new tool of cybercrime, 7 plaints filed

INDORE: Artificial intelligence (AI) powered voice has become a new tool for cybercriminals to target people.

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17 Jan, 2024

Scams To Sextortion: A Look At The Cybercrimes Of 2023

In a year marked by unprecedented technological advancements with artificial intelligence, the dark underbelly of the

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15 Jan, 2024

Cyber criminals are getting smarter. Laws and awareness need to keep up

On December 6, Sonamoni Khatun from Jadavpur in Kolkata lost her 26-year-old husband Omprakash after he

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08 Jan, 2024

‘Golden Hour’, a brief second chance for victims of cybercrime

MUMBAI: A week before Diwali, Kajal Parekh was in the process of booking a hotel in

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14 Dec, 2023

23% more minor girls than boys died by suicide in 4 years in Mumbai

MUMBAI: After being repeatedly chided by her parents for spending too much time on her phone

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12 Dec, 2023

Unveiling Dark Side of AI: Why Deepfakes Are a New Pandemic?

India has witnessed a surge in the prevalence of deepfake videos featuring celebrities and politicians. Sputnik

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08 Dec, 2023

Deepfake explained: Misuses, impact on victims and precautions needed

As deepfakes continue to make headlines, we speak to experts to decode the unsettling technology, the

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