Aligned to our mission of fighting Cyberbullying, we offer trainings & workshop services for creating awareness against various cybercrimes, cybercrime investigation service towards taking action against the cyberbullies, counselling services for the victims & advisory services towards prevention.
Below listed are details of our 4 main services.


Internet & social media have become integral part of our & children’s lives. While the gen-Z has the technological know-how, they lack the maturity & analytical thinking required to handle the vulnerabilities in cyber space & hence are at high risk of falling prey to predators online or engaging in cybercrime themselves. Hence, it is extremely necessary we sensitise &guide them to create a healthy & meaningful internet presence. Awareness is the most important & significant tool for prevention.

We at Cyber B.A.A.P. have identified the need & are taking necessary efforts to ensure the well-being & safety of young children in Cyber Space.

The sessions are interactive and aided with audio-visual presentation & questionnaires.

Below are some of the subjects/topics on which we conduct workshop/seminar:

  • Cyberbullying and Cyber Safety
  • Social Networking & Cyberbullying
  • Protecting Ourselves and Our Children in Cyberspace
  • Social Media Crimes & Psychological implications
  • Parenting in Digital Age – Strategies & Prevention
  • Internet Addiction – Online Games & Social Media
  • Effect of Digital Games
  • Cyber Hygiene & Etiquette

Trainings conducted


Students Sensitised


Teachers trained


Parents made aware


We know cyberbullying can have a significant impact on a child’s self-esteem. Bullying often targets an aspect of someone’s life, for example, your appearance or a disability. This can be really damaging to how young people feel about themselves. It’s important that when cyberbullying happens that you work to support your child and ensure their wellbeing is not adversely affected.

It is important to talk and express and not shove it under the carpet, making the child feel ashamed & guilty. We at Cyber B.A.A.P. understand the need to provide emotional, mental health support and guidance to the victims of Cyberbullying & their families.

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If you think you can get away being mean online, using anonymity to your advantage, think again! Anonymity in cyber space is just a myth.

Our Cybercrime Investigation experts investigate, analyse and help find the bullies/criminals hiding behind the screens.

Write to us if you need investigation services.


Cyberspace is a new domain and we provide handholding at every stage to get accustomed to digital world and the challenges that come along.

Our Advisory team can help you in multiple ways.

If you are:

An Institution – we can help you formulating the cyber safety policies.

A Victim of Cybercrime – our team can help you with legal proceedings if you wish to register a case or seek any legal advice on the matter.

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