07 Feb, 2024

Online Confession Pages Leads Cyberbullying

In the halls of a high school, where teenage dramas often unfold, Vanessa’s life took an

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25 Jan, 2024

Teen’s encounter with Predator in Gaming Realm

Introduction: In the ever-expanding virtual world, online safety is a paramount concern, especially for teenagers like

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19 Jan, 2024

The Phishing Scam in Corporate World

In the bustling world of corporate settings, Mike, a dedicated employee, found himself unwittingly entangled in

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04 Jan, 2024

New Cybercrime Emerges: Cyber Kidnapping

In a disturbing incident reminiscent of recent cyber kidnappings, a student mysteriously disappeared from his host

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29 Dec, 2023

Josh’s: Battle for Identity

Josh lived a normal life until confusion hit hard. Friends started acting weird, mentioning odd personal

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26 Dec, 2023

Manipulative Video Triggers Online Bullying for Gini

This case is about a woman named Gini who found herself entangled in a web of

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13 Dec, 2023

From Online Banter to Cyber Hell: A Harmless Exchange Takes a Devastating Turn

Ria, a young woman who valued trust and friendship just like all of us, found herself

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11 Dec, 2023

Empowering Against Cyberstalkers: Safeguarding Online Spaces

In the vast digital world, Zoya encountered a troubling situation. Aaron, an individual person online, began

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07 Dec, 2023

Bus Incident Unfolds into False Accusations: Victims Fight Back

In a small town nestled in Kerala, a peaceful bus ride turned into a nightmare for

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05 Dec, 2023

Emerging Trends in Social Media and the Shadows They Cast

In the ever-evolving realm of social media, staying ahead of the curve is essential to make

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