09, May, 2024

From Likes to Lies: How a YouTube Video Turned a Mumbaikar’s World Upside Down

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Imagine waking up to a social media nightmare. A stranger has fabricated a shocking video filled with lies about you, and it’s going viral. This is exactly what happened to Raj, a 35-year-old professional in Mumbai who took pride in his online presence.

One ordinary day, scrolling through his usual social media feed, Raj’s heart lurched. An alarming message from a friend flashed on his screen: “Dude, there’s a crazy video about you on YouTube!” Curiosity laced with unease, Raj clicked the link.

The video, titled “The Real Story of Raj,” was a horrifying concoction of stolen images from his social media profiles, distorted photos from his college days, and a twisted narrative. Fabricated scenarios were woven around real moments, painting a completely false picture of Raj’s life.

A Public Humiliation: The video reeked of malicious intent. It made false accusations about his personal life and included slanderous comments that could jeopardize his professional reputation. One particularly outrageous claim suggested he got promoted because of an inappropriate relationship with the head of HR – a complete fabrication that undermined years of hard work and dedication.

Unmasking the Culprit: Digging deeper, Raj discovered the video’s creator was a former college acquaintance who lost a promotion because of him. Consumed by envy and resentment, this person weaponized social media to inflict public humiliation.

Anxiety, Anger, and Isolation: A whirlwind of emotions—anxiety, anger, and a deep sense of betrayal—engulfed Raj. He questioned the safety of his online presence and the trust he placed in social media platforms. The fear of the video reaching his colleagues and professional contacts fueled his social withdrawal. He stopped sharing content online, feeling increasingly isolated. Seeking to repair the damage, Raj considered legal action, which could lead to further stress and financial strain.

Fighting Back and Finding Support

Our team at CyberBAAP offered Raj emotional support and guidance. We helped him report the video to the platform and worked towards its removal. Additionally, we assisted him in reporting the incident to the authorities.

Raj’s story underscores the importance of online safety and the critical need for awareness of potential risks. By practicing caution and taking proactive measures online, we can create a safer and more inclusive digital space for everyone.

If you are facing cyberbullying, remember, you are not alone. Reach out to CyberBAAP for support and guidance. We are here to help you navigate through this difficult time.

Together, let’s strive to make the internet a kinder, more respectful space for all.


Source: Cases reported on our portal. All identification information has been changed to protect the privacy of the victims.

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