11 Jun, 2024

Why Should You Care About Your Digital Footprint?

In today’s digital age, our lives leave an ever-growing trail online. This trail, known as your

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04 Jun, 2024

Types of Digital Footprints

A digital footprint, also known as a digital shadow or electronic footprint, is the trail of

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03 Jun, 2024

Understanding What are Digital Footprints ?

A digital footprint, often called a ‘digital shadow’ or a ‘electronic footprint,’ is the traceable data

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31 May, 2024

Getting Under the Skin of Cyber Criminals:Exploring Financial Gains

In today’s digital realm, cybercrime is a major threat, with cybercriminals exploiting vulnerabilities for various reasons.

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22 May, 2024

Addressing the Impact of the Internet on Hypochondria (Health Anxiety)

The way that people obtain information has changed dramatically in the current digital era, especially when

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21 May, 2024

Cyber Terrorism: Threats, Tactics and Countermeasures

On this Anti-Terrorism Day, we aim to raise awareness about cyber terrorism, which poses a significant

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15 May, 2024

Ways to Bond Within the Family in the Digital Age

In the fast-paced digital landscape of today, families are discovering creative methods to connect and reinforce

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13 May, 2024

Beyond Likes and Follows: The Impact and Responsibility of Social Media Influencers

Social media has transformed the way people connect and share information. Platforms such as Instagram, TikTok,

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12 May, 2024

How Modern Moms Can Protect Their Families Online from Cyber Threats

Tech-savvy moms are the ones who are on the front lines of cybersecurity, using their understanding

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03 May, 2024

Beyond Appearances: Addressing Body Shaming on Social Media

In a world where social media shapes views and defines norms, there is great pressure to

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