04 Apr, 2024

Job Interview Scam Alert: Cybercriminals Targeting with Fake Interviews Hiding Malware Traps

The rise of online job hunting has unfortunately opened a door for cybercriminals to exploit unsuspecting

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03 Apr, 2024

When Comments Turn Cruel: A Jewellery Business Owner’s Fight Against Online Bullying

Riya (name changed), a 29-year-old entrepreneur from Tripura, runs a thriving family jewellery business through social

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02 Apr, 2024

World Backup Day Passed, But Data Protection Never Sleeps

While World Backup Day on March 31st served as a timely reminder, safeguarding your digital life

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01 Apr, 2024

Scamming Dreams: Fake Overseas Job Offers Turn into Forced Cybercrime

Imagine being lured abroad with the promise of a high-paying job, only to find yourself trapped

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29 Mar, 2024

Data Breaches: Understanding the Threat and Protecting Yourself in India’s Digital Landscape

In today’s India, our digital lives are intertwined with everything from online banking,UPI to social media

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28 Mar, 2024

Social Media Impact |Where are children banned on social media? Smartphone has taken away the peace of children?

🌟 Sharing my insights on CNBC Awaaz about the necessity of laws to protect and prohibit

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27 Mar, 2024

The Nightmare of Leaked Video: A Case Study in Cyberbullying

Suhani (name changed), a vibrant music student in Chennai, found her world turned upside down when

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26 Mar, 2024

AI voice clone new tool of cybercrime, 7 plaints filed

INDORE: Artificial intelligence (AI) powered voice has become a new tool for cybercriminals to target people.

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22 Mar, 2024

Understanding Social Media Privacy Settings and Taking Control of Your Online Data

Social media has become an undeniable part of our lives. We share updates, connect with friends,

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21 Mar, 2024

What to Do If You Get Bombarded with OTPs

Sarah, a busy marketing professional, was finalizing a client presentation when her phone buzzed. Glancing down,

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