09, Nov, 2023

When Digital Friendship Turns Dark

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This is the case of a young woman named Maya who had befriended a guy named Alex a few years ago. Their paths crossed during a time when Alex was going through a difficult breakup. Seeking solace, he reached out to Maya for support, and she kindly offered a listening ear. This led to one-sided feelings in Alex which he forced on Maya but she firmly rejected establishing clear boundaries. 

It had been a while since Maya and Alex last spoke and Maya was glad the situation had subsided. Little did she know that Alex was still holding a grudge against her rejection. He reached out to her again, constantly messaging her on all social media platforms. He crossed all boundaries set by Maya, frustrating her to the point where she had to speak to him in a non polite manner. With each rejection, Alex’s words transformed into malicious attacks. He began to verbally abuse Maya, directing his anger not only at her but also at her innocent parents. His words pierced through the digital space, leaving Maya feeling violated and vulnerable.

Recognizing the severity of the situation, Maya decided to take action. She took screenshots of the abusive messages as evidence and sought advice from friends and family. It was evident to her that she had become a victim of cybercrime, subjected to harassment and emotional abuse.

Maya reported the incident to our portal www.cyberbaap.org , seeking guidance for what and how she can handle this ongoing harassment. 

She was determined to fight against her bully and providing us with the necessary evidence to investigate the case. We acknowledged the seriousness of the matter & the impact of online harassment on an individual’s mental and emotional well-being.Based on our guidance and encouragement¬† it was made possible for Maya to file a proper police complaint, and also having aid from private investigator to track down Alex and hold him accountable for his actions

Meanwhile, Maya took measures to protect herself. She strengthened her privacy settings on social media platforms and blocked Alex’s account, severing all remaining digital ties.With the support of loved ones and professionals, Maya began the process of healing and rebuilding her confidence from the emotional wounds inflicted upon her.

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