13, Dec, 2023

From Online Banter to Cyber Hell: A Harmless Exchange Takes a Devastating Turn

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Ria, a young woman who valued trust and friendship just like all of us, found herself in an unexpected and distressing situation. Who considered Sam, a close friend violated Ria’s trust by circulating a video she had innocently and discretly shared. What was meant to be a private moment between friends turned into a catalyst for online harassment and bullying when the video spread within a group chat.

The repercussions were harsh and heart-wrenching for Ria. The once-private video became a tool for bullying, with group members using it to hurl hurtful words and derogatory slurs at her for their fun and amusement. The online harassment didn’t stop there; Ria learned she wasn’t the sole victim of this group’s malicious behaviour. They used the personal content of others to target and degrade anyone they disagreed with, showing a callous disregard for others’ dignity and well-being.

In her search for help, Ria found Cyberbaap’s platform, where she detailed the incidents and provided screenshots. Guided by our advice, she reported the incidents on Telegram, and respective authorities while our team supported her through this traumatic experience, by coordinating with her friends and providing her with the assistance and counselling she needed to navigate through this distressing ordeal.

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