07, Nov, 2023

A mistake from past,takes form of cyberbullying

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Emma, a young woman was in a long-distance relationship when she relocated to Pune for her studies. Her roommates quickly became like family to her, but as they say, you can never truly know someone completely. Emma’s story serves as a stark example of how even your closest friends can betray your trust and turn into your biggest bullies.

One weekend, Emma and her close girlfriends decided to attend a neighbourhood party after her exams. As the night unfolded, Emma found herself swept away by the party’s atmosphere, and an unexpected incident occurred, where she got comfortable and enjoyed a private moment with a stranger, something she deeply regretted later. Recognizing her mistake, she immediately took steps to resolve the matter and was relieved that things appeared to return to normal within her circle of friends.

However, three months later, Emma’s past haunted her when one of her roommates, who had been at the party, called her boyfriend, Jake, to reveal everything. This type of cyberbullying, known as “outing,” occurs when someone close to you exposes your private information without your consent or knowledge and it feels like an immense betrayal. Emma’s roommates didn’t stop at outing her; they also subjected her to relentless bullying. They hurled insults, spread malicious rumours, and engaged in verbal abuse, creating a toxic environment for Emma.

This relentless bullying took a toll on Emma’s mental health, leading her to question her self-worth. The emotional pain became unbearable, pushing her towards thoughts of self-harm and even suicidal thoughts.

It was in this dark moment that, Emma reached out to us for guidance and support. Our team of experts at Cyberbaap guided her towards understanding her legal rights and provided emotional support during this challenging time and while also assisting her through the process of complaint and action.

Emma’s story is a stark reminder of how cyberbullying can have devastating consequences, even for those you trust. Her journey serves as a reminder that together,we can combat cyberbullying and offer support to those who need it most.

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