23, Jun, 2022

Cyberbullying: Parental Role – Identifying, Supporting & Preventing

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“This will never happen to my kid” – It’s time to break this bubble.

Cyberbullying is no longer far-fetched, it has already consumed many young children.  

Being parents, it’s our duty to make a note of such events happening with children and find ways to tackle them. While there might be no fool proof way to stop cyberbullying there are ways that can prevent it and prepare you to face it.

Let us have a look.

  1. Explain about Cyberbullying: The first and foremost communication parents should tell their wards before they venture out into the virtual world is to give them a thorough explanation about cyberbullying. This will mentally prepare them to be ready incase they or their friends face such a situation.
  2. Monitor Online Activity: Although this might not be the way to go for parents having children who are in their late teens as they prefer privacy. But for below 16 this is the most viable option to have.There are many phones and apps that adhere to this requirement and help you understand your kid’s online activities.
  3. Be Tech Savvy: In today’s internet world it is very necessary that you, being a parent, understand how apps and phones work. This skill will come in handy when it comes to handling cyberbullying.
  4. Join A Community: Join hands with like minded people who are against cyberbullying and take action on cyberbullying events. Remember together we are strong and recognised. What you might not be able to get done alone a group or a community can.
  5. Report Cyberbullies: Not taking action on the first instance of cyberbullying gives more courage to the perpetrator and they expand their bullying. If you want to prevent them gaining ground then report it immediately. You can go to cyber experts like Cyber BAAP who will further guide you.


It is very necessary for parents to be aware of their wards online activities and think of it as a way of protecting children before further damage takes place.


Penned by: Palla Sahaj
Sahaj contributes to our cause by volunteering with his skills as a professional content writer. If you like his style, you may reach him at [email protected]


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