31 Jan, 2024

Saftey Guide for Online Job Seekers

Explore essential knowledge and preventive guidelines to protect yourself from fake job offers in this comprehensive

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30 Jan, 2024

Steps for reporting of financial cyber frauds

Citizen Financial Cyber Frauds Reporting and Management System  i) Any victim of financial cyber fraud can

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12 Jan, 2024

Securing Your Finances: Why Two-Factor Authentication is Non-Negotiable

In an era where our financial lives seamlessly intertwine with the digital realm, the need for

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05 Jan, 2024

Online Dating Safety Guide: Identifying Red Flags and Best Practices

The increasing popularity of online dating platforms has also led to increased fraud and scams. Therefore,

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01 Jan, 2024

Understanding Cyberstalking: Signs, Risks, and Protective Measures

The advent of the digital age has brought unprecedented connectivity, but it has also given rise

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21 Dec, 2023

Navigating Social Media: A Teen’s Guide to Handling Cyberbullying

Introduction: Social media has become an integral part of teenagers’ lives, offering platforms for connection, self-expression,

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18 Dec, 2023

Cyberbullying in the Workplace: Recognizing and Addressing It

The modern workplace has undergone a significant transformation, with the integration of technology shaping new dynamics

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15 Dec, 2023

The Link Between Cyberbullying and Suicide: Awareness and Prevention

Cyberbullying, a pervasive issue in today’s digital age, has emerged as a serious concern due to

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21 Nov, 2023

The Digital Personal Data Protection Act, 2023 : A Simplified Overview

In August 2023, the Indian Parliament introduced the Digital Personal Data Protection (DPDP) Act, marking a

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17 Nov, 2023

How to Save Evidence of Online Harassment or Bullying on Social Media Platforms

Preserving evidence is crucial, as it not only helps protect yourself but can also serve as

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