01, Dec, 2023

The Dark Side of Progress: AI-Generated Cyberbullying Harassment

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In today’s tech-filled world, there’s a troubling mix of technology and online bullying. Now, computers using something called artificial intelligence (AI) can be programmed to harass people on the internet. This is a big problem because it’s harder to stop and hurts more people.

Think of it like this: You’re in a huge online party, chatting with your friends, when suddenly, a robot shows up and starts saying hurtful things. The catch? This digital troublemaker can generate tons of mean messages super fast, flooding the online space and making it tough for anyone to stop it.

What’s even trickier is that this digital bully is not just random; it’s smart. It can dig into your online life, figure out what makes you tick, and then unleash personalized attacks. It’s like having a cyberbully who knows all your secrets and tries to use them against you.

To tackle this problem, we need better computer tools that can recognize and stop these mean messages. It’s also important for everyone to learn about using technology in a kind way. Just like we learn to be nice to each other in person, we need to be kind online too.

The fight against AI-generated cyberbullying is like a team sport. Tech companies, government leaders, and groups that care about people’s safety all need to work together. It’s a big challenge, but if we join forces, we can make the digital world a safer and happier place for everyone.

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