04, Dec, 2023

Self-Expression turns into bullying

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Self-expression through art is often cherished, but,  in digital space, it turned out to be disastrous for Noah. An enthusiast of dance, Noah shared his passion through an energetic video on a popular social media platform. Little did he know, this act of vulnerability would open the floodgates to cyberbullying.

Instead of appreciation, the comments turned into a torrent of negativity. Cruel remarks and hurtful trolling flooded Noah’s page, associating him with the opposite gender and leaving his spirit crushed. The once vibrant and confident dancer now grappled with self-doubt and isolation, becoming a shell of his former self.

Cyberbullying comes in various forms: including derogatory comments to malicious rumors and trolling. In Noah’s case, it manifested as derogatory remarks and exclusionary behaviour, heavily impacting his mental well-being.

Understanding the multifaceted nature of cyberbullying, our team provided Noah with comprehensive emotional support, guiding him through coping strategies specifically tailored to counter these negative impacts.

 We educated him on digital self-care, such as filtering comments, blocking trolls, and limiting exposure to toxic online environments.

Additionally, we emphasized the importance of reporting and seeking help in the face of cyberbullying, ensuring that Noah felt equipped and empowered to navigate the online world safely.

Through our counselling sessions, Noah not only regained his confidence but also learned to leverage social media positively. He transformed his platform into a safe space, advocating against cyberbullying and inspiring others to embrace self-expression without fear.

Noah’s journey exemplifies the power of resilience in confronting cyberbullying. By amplifying awareness and providing support, we aim to create a safer digital world where self-expression is celebrated without fear of cyberbullying’s repercussions.”

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