26, Dec, 2023

Manipulative Video Triggers Online Bullying for Gini

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This case is about a woman named Gini who found herself entangled in a web of deception and cruelty in the online world. She had recently come across a reel that featured her, but to her dismay, the video had been manipulated and portrayed her in a negative light.

The reel, which had been posted by a person she once considered a friend, took a snippet of a larger conversation out of context. It portrayed Gini as a bad person and was spreading false information about her character. Shocked and hurt by this misleading information, Maya reached out to her friend, pleading with him to remove the video.

Days passed, and despite seeing Gini’s messages, her friend remained unresponsive. As time passed, the video gained traction, and the comment section became a breeding ground for hatred and maliciousness.

Fueled by the misleading reel, strangers unleashed a barrage of derogatory and hurtful comments towards Gini. The weight of the cyberbullying crushed her spirit, leaving her feeling vulnerable and depressed.

Gini stumbled upon our portal www.cyberbaap.org and provided us with details of the incidents and screenshots. We advised her to report the video and guided her with tools to effectively bring down the video. This got Gini through the trauma this incident has caused, and tried to get her life back to the way it was.

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