07, Dec, 2023

Bus Incident Unfolds into False Accusations: Victims Fight Back

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In a small town nestled in Kerala, a peaceful bus ride turned into a nightmare for two co-passengers, Reshma and Shina, when an incident of molestation unfolded before their eyes. Little did they know that this distressing encounter would spiral into a web of false accusations, leaving them grappling with the weight of public scrutiny and harassment.

Reshma, determined to seek justice after being a victim of unsolicited flashing, mustered the courage to report the incident to the authorities. After she filed a complaint with the police, she decided to share the dreadful news on her Instagram account. Seeking support and solidarity, she hoped to raise awareness about the incident and encourage others to speak out against such acts of abuse. Little did she anticipate that this would take an unexpected turn.

A certain individual named Raj, without any evidence or substantiation, brazenly declared through his Instagram handle that the victims were orchestrating the incident as a publicity stunt. He cast aspersions on their characters, igniting a firestorm of hate comments, direct messages, and public shaming. People questioned their integrity and hurled baseless accusations at them and their families.

Heavily affected by these false accusations, the girls decided to stand up for themselves and fight against defamation. They reported the case to us, seeking our help.

Our NGO acted as a pillar of support for Reshma and Shina amidst the whirlwind of false accusations and cyberbullying. We provided them with comprehensive guidance on navigating legal procedures and reporting the defamation to relevant authorities. Moreover, our team offered emotional counselling sessions tailored to help them cope with the mental and emotional toll of the distressing situation. By empowering them with knowledge and emotional resilience, we stood by Reshma and Shina every step of the way, ensuring they felt equipped to confront the challenges posed by cyberbullying and defamation.

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