30, Nov, 2023

Battling Cyber Harassment Post-Marriage

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Gina’s story sheds light on the torment inflicted by her ex-husband, Mark. Enduring a challenging marriage with Mark, Gina summoned the courage to break free, aiming for a fresh start. However, her past lurked in the shadows, haunting her in unimaginable ways.

Mark unleashed a vicious campaign,targeting Gina and her family across social media platforms with derogatory comments and harassing posts. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube turned into platforms for his relentless attacks.

Expanding his assault,Mark disclosed her personal details, inviting strangers to harass Gina, seeking inappropriate relations. Desperate for support, Gina sought help from authorities, but found minimal assistance.

The relentless torment took a drastic toll on Gina’s mental and emotional well-being, leaving her feeling trapped and overwhelmed. Financial constraints compounded her burdens, hindering her ability to afford legal aid to counter these attacks.

Amidst her distress, Gina discovered our portal www.cyberbaap.org, sharing incident details and evidence. Our intervention involved reporting and removing malicious posts and videos. Additionally, we provided Gina with the emotional support needed to navigate through the trauma inflicted by her ex-husband’s harassment.Trained counselors engaged with Gina, providing a safe space to express her feelings and navigate the traumatic impact of the cyberbullying.Moreover, recognizing her financial constraints, we connected Gina with legal aid services, ensuring she had access to resources to defend against ongoing harassment and safeguard herself against future threats.

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