Report Cyberbullying in India

CyberB.A.A.P. is here to help and guide you to report cases of cyberbullying.

We suggest that you first make a formal online complaint on If you suspect that the incident has taken place at school, we suggest that you inform your school counselor or teachers. You must also keep your parents informed at every stage.

However if you still want us to help you sail through your difficult times, please reach out to us via the following form. All the details you submit will strictly be kept confidential. Once you have submitted your details, our team members will reach out to you on email and guide you with the next steps. Please keep a record of the incident date and time of the calls, posts, comments emails or texts – don’t delete any of these.

Kindly note that we are neither a law enforcement agency nor a government body. We are here simply to help you fight the menace of cyberbullying.

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    Points to note

    Before you complete the form, please make sure that you:

    • – have reported the to the platform of abuse (at least 48 hours ago)
    • – have evidence or screenshots of the harassing/bullying/abuse content ready to share


    If you are in immediate danger or at risk of harm inform trusted adult around and call the police on One Hundred (100). Staying safe is your number one priority.

    Privacy Information

    All the details you submit will strictly be kept confidential. We do not share your details with any other organisation or portal and neither use it for any other purpose. You may use your discretion to trust and share the required information.